Swimwear Glossary - Bikini Tops

Shopping for the perfect bikini top? Knowing the following terms will help you find the right shape, fabric, cut and more.

Adjustable strap:
Elastic straps have a metal piece that slides along the strap to increase or decrease the length.
A strapless style offering bare shoulders for no tan lines.
A swimsuit consisting of a top and a bottom.
A fabric covered plastic or metal support that is sewn into garments to support or stabilize.
Bra top:
A swim style that has over the shoulder straps and looks like a bra.
Enhancer top:
A bikini top that adds cleavage, fullness, size and shape to the bustline with cups, wires or other functional components.
Enhancer triangle:
A triangle shaped bikini that uses a molded foam cup to add shape and fullness to the bust.
Floating underwire:
Underwire that is sewn into a shelf bra but is not secured to the frame of the exterior garment.
Full coverage:
Coverage that fully covers your bottom and no cheeks hanging out.
Full cut top:
A bikini top or one piece that offers better than average bust coverage and support.
Long triangle top:
A halter bikini top that has an elongated strap coming from the top of a standard triangle top.
A Dupont registered product that is found in many Venus fabrics. Lycra┬« gives swimwear fabric its stretch and recovery.
Mitered stripe:
A stripe that is joined at an angle, usually to create a slimming, angular affect.
Mix and match:
Venus bikinis are designed to mix and match sizes, styles and colors in hundreds of combinations.
Molded cup:
A permanently shaped cup that is made of molded polyurethane foam covered in a tricot fabric.
The gradual blending of one color hue to another usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.
Perled hem:
Hemline created with very small stitches that cover the raw edge of the fabric. Often creates a rippled, ruffle look.
Provides a bust lift via molded cups, underwires or other features. Adds fullness and cleavage.
Removable push up pads:
Small oval shaped polyurethane pads that may be inserted into cup pockets for an added lift.
Removable shaping cups:
Thin foam cups that are contoured to fit the bust apex, providing a pleasing rounded shape and modesty.
Ruched (gathered, shirred):
Fabric is gathered and secured to maintain the gathered appearance.
Shelf bra:
A separate lining component that usually has soft plush elastic underneath and helps to support the bust.
Slider back strap:
A Venus exclusive! The back strap of a bikini top or one piece has a metal piece that slides along the strap to increase or decrease the total back length. This allows for increased adjustability in the width of the garment for a better fit.
Sewing technique using elastic to gather fabric to make it both form fitting and flexible.
Spaghetti straps:
Thin fabric strings on a swimsuit.
The generic equivalent of the component in swimwear fabric that gives it stretch and recovery.
Fabric of garment wraps across the body.
Tricot refers to the type of stretch that the knit fabric has. Most Venus swim fabrics have stretch in both horizontal and vertical directions for a better fit.
Underbust measurement:
The measurement directly under the breasts, going around the entire body.
Metal wires that are shaped to support the bust. May be used with a molded cup or inserted into a fabric cup.
Band of fabric found at the waist.
Wrap halter:
The bodice wraps or has the appearance of wrapping around the body and may criss-cross in front.