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Welcome to the next level in receiving information from the internet.
eVenus gives you the opportunity to always have at hand the latest
information on the greatest swimwear and clothing we offer. eVenus
delivers exactly what you want and only when you want it.

What is RSS?

Adding eVenus:
*Please select whether you would like swimwear or clothing updates

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What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Both mean the same thing, so don’t let it confuse you. It’s basically a free feed of up-to-date information. eVenus will deliver the information that you want as it eliminates the need for you to go out and check on your favorite items.

Who needs RSS?
Every Venus customer can benefit from eVenus. It’s so much more efficient than going to get the information that you want. Think of it this way: isn’t it easier to have the newspaper delivered to you than going out every day and getting it? That’s how eVenus works. You choose exactly the information that you want, and it comes straight to your desktop, allowing you to read it, print it, or even ignore it. Of course, you’d never ignore eVenus!

How can you use eVenus?
There are many ways to use eVenus. The easiest way is on the homepage of your web browser, but there are many other ways as well. First, you need an RSS newsreader (aka, “aggregator”). You actually may already have one. If you have MSN, Hotmail or a Google account, you can easily add the eVenus news feed. As an example, we’ll use MSN. First you will sign in to MSN. You’ll notice that you see quite an array of news, weather, sports, ads, etc. Think of this as your personal page, and you can arrange or remove the information as you see fit. You can also add eVenus!

Adding eVenus to your personal page.
Click on one of the feed icons above to add Swimwear and/or Clothing to your reader or personal homepage. To manually add the Swimwear and/or Clothing feed, click the corresponding links below, and then copy and paste URL into your reader or personal homepage.
(Clothing Feed | Swimwear Feed)

What RSS readers are available?
RSS readers can be found either through the use of your favorite internet browser, websites which are programmed to read RSS feeds, or by using the pre-loaded software available through Windows Vista. There are a few browsers which currently support the use of RSS feeds; Internet Explorer (7.0 only), Firefox, and Safari. Once you visit a website that has an RSS feed, this will be indicated by an orange icon in the browsers address bar to the right of the website url.

Is RSS free?
Yes, it’s totally free. You only subscribe to the information that you want. No one will send email to you or collect your e-mail address, as a result of subscribing to our RSS feed. If you would like to receive emails in addition to or instead of RSS, please click here.

How do I unsubscribe?
It’s very simple. Simply remove the feed from your RSS reader.

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